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Integrate digital marketing with sales, purchasing, and production business processes to meet your business goals. In tight cooperation with you, we can create and implement a digital strategy; attack the weaknesses of your competitors; define ways to securely position the benefits of your products; and improve methods of attracting new customers.

Also, you can benefit from, of course, lead nurturing and generation of leads; website development and improvement; creation of e-commerce shops and landing pages in English, Ukrainian, and Russian; SEO-based content marketing in the US and Europe; SMM in English; development of advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram – all for the growth of your business.

Substantial marketing experience, which could be useful for your business, is available in the following areas:

  • IT (software development and outsourcing services)
  • startups
  • e-commerce
  • SaaS for retail
  • health care
  • construction materials
  • travel
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360º Marketing

What plays the main role: sales or marketing? Production or distribution? New product development or expansion of sales channels? There are always dilemmas, and the answers aren't visible. You have to make decisions based on intuition, or you need to research consumer choices, analyze competitors' vulnerabilities, check your business ideas, and run advertising campaigns.

Do you get up-to-date tasks and need fresh ideas? You are welcome to discuss possibilities right now.
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Website Development, Optimization

What comes first? Determine the business objectives of your website and which categories of visitors it should serve. It is reasonable to consider the site as a communication channel between your company and your clients, partners, suppliers, and employees.

In other words, determine the 'who,' 'how,' and 'why' for the visitors of your website. Please take into consideration that each category of website visitors has their own goals, evaluation criteria, and even doubts. It's extremely important to provide accurate and concise content to manage the flow of the visitor's attention from one essential part to another.

To learn how to develop a brand new website or improve an existing one as an integrated part of your business processes, have a private conversation.
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Improvement of E-commerce Website

What is the range of products for sale? How many product groups or categories? Which variations (color, size, etc.) are possible for your products? There are many more questions to define ways for your online project to successfully expand your trade.

Common issues include: decrease the latency in finding the right product for a visitor, establish trust, improve the convenience of the ordering process, encourage purchases, and more.

How to avoid extra expenses and lead your customers to orders smoothly? You will know after a personal conversation.
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Attracting the right visitors

You have probably heard about "lead generation" or "get more traffic". Most often, this means an increase in number of visits. However, the activities involving SEM, SEO-based Content Marketing, or advertising in Google Ads, Facebook, or Instagram are not your real intent. Probably, the true purpose is the attraction of new customers, as well as an increase in orders and sales.

Let's discuss how to improve your marketing funnel, lead nurturing, and lead generation.

How to inspire clients using the pushing six-level technique, how to investigate marketing efforts by your competitors, and other topics – a private conversation will reveal these to you.
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Landing Page Design

A landing page is a sales promotion instrument. Or it can be a method for substantially enhancing the impression of a specific product or service. The primary aim of the landing page is usually defined by the sales or marketing department.

The well-designed landing page, as a part of a marketing funnel, should retain potential customers on the path to the target action.

How to use the power of UX to create engagement for visitors and keep customers in your sales cycle? Let's discuss this in private conversation.
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Remarkable Clients

SEO, PPC, landing pages development.


SEO optimization worldwide, PPC, development of landing pages, content marketing in English, Spanish, German, French.
Creation of Google Data Studio reports.

UX design and content creation.


UX prototyping, creation of content in English, and supervision of web design creation.

UX design, graphic design, and website development.

Blagosvit Bud

UX prototyping, web design development, online store page programming, improvement of usability of product pages, catalog, shopping cart, and ordering process.

Creation of Google Data Studio reports.

UX design, graphic design, website development, and lead generation.


UX design, graphic design, HTML/CSS/JS programming, landing page creation, SMM on Facebook, and long-term advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

UX design, graphic design, website development, and lead generation.


UX design, graphic design, HTML/CSS/JS programming, and long-term advertising campaigns on Google Ads.
Creation of Google Data Studio reports.

UX audit and business consulting.


UX audit of the website and business consulting on the development of development strategy.

UX design, graphic design, and website development.


A charity project for private kindergartens and schools.

UX design, graphic design, landing page development, and lead generation.


Creation of the landing page for the Academic Medical Center, with lead generation by a Google Ads campaign.

UX design, graphic design, website development, and lead generation.


UX prototyping, web design creation, e-commerce website development; lead generation by a Google Ads campaign.

And others.

About Us

You can have the services of a distributed team worldwide: project management processes running in Zoho Projects, online meetings held in Zoho Meetings, team communications live in Zoho Cliq, and a knowledge base in Zoho Connect. Everything is under 24/365 supervision by the Time Doctor tracking system.

The founder of digital(R)evolution, Oleh Savytskyi (personal profile on LinkedIn and Facebook), has been increasing client sales by digital marketing for 11 years. The underlying ideology is to always seek for the best, most systematic approach.

Accordingly, the approach of digital(R)evolution is to ensure the integrity of the developed solutions for your business objectives, including taking into account the current situation and the growth vector of your business.

Sounds difficult? But it works effectively!

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